Ritz-Carlton Naples

Premium Car Service to Ritz-Carlton in Naples from Gainesville and all over state of Florida

Ritz-Carlton in Naples Florida is so well-known people from all over the country and the entire world come here for their medical treatments. They offer care in more than thirty medical and surgical specialties, it has over three hundred beds and more than twenty operating rooms.
Cannaday, Davis, Mangurian and Mayo are the names of the main buildings on the campus and all of them are connected to The Inn and Marriott’s Courtyard Jacksonville hotel where out-of-town patients can stay.

Over the years we have provided many passengers from Jacksonville, Gainesville, St Augustine, Lake City, even Orlando, Miami and Tampa with non-emergency medical transportation to Ritz-Carlton. Also, Ritz-Carlton is some three hours and a half away from The Villages, Florida’s biggest retirement community. Wherever in Florida you happen to live or wherever your flight lands – we can pick you up and take you to Ritz-Carlton.


Naples airport and Ritz-Carlton reside on the opposite sides of the city. However, it is not so distant thirty-minute ride from the airport to the hospital. All you have to do is book our Ritz-Carlton car service a day before your flight and our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to help you with luggage and open doors for you.

In case you are booking our Florida limo service for your loved ones who need special treatment, you can be sure that our chauffeurs will try their best to ensure that the passenger is seated comfortably, safe at all times and that his ride is pleasant and enjoyable.
We are equipped with the latest flight-tracking software which means you or your loved one in need of a NEMT will never be left without a comfortable luxurious limo because we know exactly when each plane is going to land.


Passengers traveling to Ritz-Carlton usually need their limousines to be of the highest quality and are very sensitive to inadequate NEMT services. Our wide selection of the most luxurious and prestigious limousines will enable any passenger to travel in the utmost comfort and style. We have various sedans which are perfect for one or two people. Our SUVs can accommodate up to six passengers which is the best choice for a family or someone who needs a caregiver to travel with them.

Our limousines are so comfortable and spacious they make any travel, short or long distance, pass in no time. Plus, all of our vehicles are equipped with DVD players and WiFi, so you can entertain yourself on your way to the Ritz-Carlton and make the time pass faster. We also have air-conditioning which can be especially important for people with the sensitive medical condition who have a hard time adjusting to the Florida weather.


Our staff will gladly help you book your limo according to your appointments at the Ritz-Carlton and you can even book multiple appointments in advance. We can take you directly to the hospital entrance or to one of the local hotels next to the Ritz-Carlton. Of course, you can count on our limo service on your way back from the hospital and hotels to any airport in Florida. We are also available for limo tours in Naples in case you are staying for a few days.

Your only job is to book our Florida car service via the form on our homepage or by calling our phone and our lovely staff will get in touch with you to confirm your reservation and check if you have any other requirements.