Cruise Port of Miami car service to and from Miami downtown and MIA airport


The Port of Miami stands as the world’s largest passenger port, alongside its significant role as a cargo hub. Situated just minutes from Miami Downtown via Port Boulevard and approximately twenty minutes from Miami Beach, it’s easily accessible. Upon disembarking or preparing to embark on a cruise ship, the Port of Miami promises an abundance of entertainment and attractions for all visitors.
As the “Cruise Capital of the World,” the Port of Miami welcomes over four million passengers annually, making it a bustling hub for cruise travel. Renowned cruise lines like Carnival, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and others dock here, offering a wide array of cruise options for travelers.
When you step off your ship or plane into a bustling crowd, booking your limousine in advance ensures a seamless transition to your destination without any delays. With our pre-booked limousine service, you can effortlessly navigate through the crowd and reach your destination promptly, without wasting a moment of your valuable time.


Thankfully, Miami International Airport is conveniently close to the Port of Miami, alleviating concerns about reaching your flight on time. Take advantage of this proximity by booking our Miami car service to and from MIA airport, allowing you to maximize your time between your cruise and your flight. Explore Miami’s renowned boutiques, art galleries, and delectable local cuisine, or bask in the sunshine on the beach, all while ensuring a smooth and timely journey to catch your flight.
Despite the proximity of MIA airport, our chauffeurs prioritize ensuring that you reach your destination exactly as scheduled, providing essential assistance with your luggage along the way. Rest assured, our team at Island Coast Transportation will ensure your journey is seamless and stress-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels without any worries.


If you find yourself with some extra time before your flight or cruise departure, there are numerous attractions near MIA airport to explore. Families traveling with young children can visit popular destinations like the Miami Children’s Museum, Jungle Island, or the Phillip and Patricia Museum of Science, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone.
If you prefer to spend your leisure time savoring delectable cuisine, you can explore one of the renowned Miami restaurants such as Zuma, La Mar, or Joe’s Stone Crab. These establishments offer exquisite dining experiences, allowing you to indulge in mouthwatering dishes and culinary delights during your visit to Miami.
In our fleet, we have a variety of vehicles tailored to your needs. For individuals or couples, our sedans provide a comfortable and stylish option. Families exploring Miami can opt for our spacious SUVs, offering ample room for everyone. Additionally, our luxury vans accommodate groups of up to fifteen passengers, ensuring everyone enjoys a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


With an annual revenue surpassing ninety million dollars and a workforce of nearly two hundred employees, Port of Miami stands as a thriving business hub. Business travelers frequent Miami airports and various locations across Florida, requiring efficient transportation services. Our limo service caters to diverse needs, offering door-to-door rides and accommodating complex full-day itineraries seamlessly.
Send our luxurious limousine to escort your esteemed business guests, employees, or executives, ensuring their utmost satisfaction with our service and treatment. Our chauffeurs excel not only in driving luxury vehicles but also in customer service and communication. Proficient in navigating Miami’s routes, they adeptly cater to each client’s needs. With our limousine service, you can relax or focus on work while we handle the transportation seamlessly.
Reserving our Port of Miami car service is hassle-free and straightforward. Simply book a limousine for yourself or a visitor using our user-friendly homepage form or by phone. With online instant payment enabled, you can conveniently settle your payment in advance, eliminating the need for cash upon limousine arrival.